Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Package from Barves Junkie / Dayf / Card Junk

(So, if you are reading this, Barves Junkie / Dayf / Card Junk, I'm not exactly sure what to call you. I'm going to go with Dayf throughout this post, mostly because it is shortest.)

I received a package in the mail yesterday from Dayf, who runs the blog Cardboard Junkie. He tweeted about some of the first basketball cards he has opened in years, and one of the cards he pulled was an Arnett Moultrie rookie card that I had been looking for from 2012-13 Past and Present.

Well, a few tweets were exchanged and within a week there was a package in my mailbox. The first card of note was the card that originally sparked a deal.

This is the Arnett Moultrie rookie from Past and Present. This is somehow only the second Moultrie card in my Sixers collection.

The second card of note from this package is pure seventies sexiness.

This is a 1977-78 Topps card of Sixers Center Caldwell Jones. Jones was a hell of a shot blocker in his prime. He played with the Sixers from 1976-1982. The only video I can find of Jones is him being dunked on by Larry Bird.
And, we finish off the post with my favorite "card" in the package. I'm using that term lightly.

Dayf, if you haven't gotten your package yet, expect it any day now.


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