Monday, January 31, 2011

I bought some boxes!

Hey everyone. Due to a good report card, I was allowed to pick a couple things off Dave and Adams. They are-

2009 Upper Deck A Piece Of History Hobby Box. 16 Packs per box. 1 Hollywood relic, 2 Baseball relics, and one baseball auto per box. Also loaded with numbered stuff.

2008 SP Retail Box- 24 Packs per box, 1 auto per box.

I will post the box breaks when I receive them in the mail, they should be on their way!

Cam Out.

Directing to the left of my blog. New feature!

Hey everyone. Cam here, blogging from school. Anyway, Today I received an email from Frank at SportsMemorabilia.Com , Asking me if I would place a link on my site for him. I checked the site out and really like it. They offer tons of sports items, autographed and not, for good prices. So check it out guys!

On another note, I have gotten almost 20 TTM'S recently. A post on that tonight and some trade posts. Stay tuned.

Cam Out.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Now Collecting Some Sets

They are..
2006 Topps
2007 Topps
2008 Topps
2009 Topps
2009 Upper Deck
2008 UD Spectrum
2009 UD Spectrum
2010 T206
2006 Allen and Ginter
2007 Allen and Ginter
2008 Allen and Ginter
2009 Allen and Ginter
2010 Allen and Ginter
2008 UD Baseball Heroes
2008 Topps Opening Day
2010 Topps Opening Day
2010 Topps National Chicle
2005 Bowman
2006 Bowman
2007 Bowman
2008 Bowman
2009 Bowman
2010 Bowman
2005 Bowman Chrome
2006 Bowman Chrome
2007 Bowman Chrome
2008 Bowman Chrome
2009 Bowman Chrome
2010 Bowman Chrome
If you have any of these and I would love to trade for commons from these sets. Thanks!

Cam Out.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

How do you like the new layout?

Let me know.

Terrific Ten Most wanted

1- 2011 Bowman Platinum Hunter Pence (And any parallels)

2- 2011 Topps Allen and Ginter Hunter Pence mini (All variations)

3- Any Nick Markakis Autograph

4- UD Masterpieces 2008 Hunter Pence Dark Blue Parallel /125

5- Hunter Pence 2007 Topps Update Gold /2007

6- Hunter Pence 2008 Topps Gold /2008

7- 2011 Topps Chris Heisey( Base and all variations)

8- Hunter Pence Topps Moments and Milestone (Any)

9- 2008 UD Masterpieces Stroke of Genius auto Noah Lowry

10- 2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Vernon Wells GU

What I collect

Current Collections listed below

Houston Astros
Philadelphia 76ers
Penn State Nittany Lions Football (Alum)
Villanova Wildcats Basketball (Alum)
Washington Capitals

Hunter Pence
JR Towles
Russell Wilson (Baseball and football)

2012 Topps Magic Rookie Enchantments

Mail Day! Clear Cut Cards Edition

Hey guys. I have been getting tons of packages in the mail, so if you have done a trade with me, I'll have a Mail Day post for you within a week.

Anyway, Jason over at Clear Cut Cards made a post a couple weeks back about his Mets team set needs for Chicle, so because I recently busted a box of that stuff, I had one of the cards he needed. So after so negotiations, I ended up sending a Jason Bay Chicle and 10 other 2010 Mets cards. In return, I got rookies of two no name Astros and, the one I wanted most.

This is a rookie of awesome fielder Edwin Maysonet. He made it up with the Astros last year to play some infield as a backup. I was extremely impressed with what I saw. Sadly, my least favorite team the Brewers picked him up in the offseason. I'm still excited to have a card of him from his days with the Astros. Thanks for the trade Jason, and if any of you would like to trade with me, email me. Thanks!

My Rays Collection

No longer collecting the Rays. Got to be a hassle.

Friday, January 21, 2011

We Have A Winner!

Hey everyone. After a couple hours of opening and sorting the cards, I found the winners of the contest!

For football, the correct answer was the Vikings. Being as no one guessed them, the prize goes to the second most cards, which was the 49ers. Don guessed that, so Don, send me your address and tell me what prize you want. Now for hockey. The winner with the most cards was the Penguins, correctly guessed by Dawgbones! Dawgbones, I have your address from our recent trade, but let me know what prize you want. Congrats to the winners!

Cam Out.

Contest Pimpin and a Reminder

Hey everyone. Quick reminder that toay is the last day to enter my contest. So enter! Winner will be announced about an hour after the contest closes at midnight. Also letting you all know of a great contest Colbey's having over at his blog Cardboard Collections. Win a Tebow Redemption! Check it out, but I wanna win so maybe not. Heres a link...

Cam Out.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Trade bait post!

Hey guys. Just dropping in with a quick post to tell you I have a 3000 count box filled of cards that I just don't want. I wouldn't ask for much in return. Ask me to look for teams or anything you want. It has...
Basketball (90s all the way up to 2010)
Football (90s to 2008)
Hockey (90s to 2011)
Harry Potter cards (movie cards and game cards)
Yugioh and Magic game cards
Nascar and Indy racing (90s Up to 2010)
Baseball non sport inserts (Historical moments from 2009 A Piece of History, Presidents from Turkey Red, Distinguished Service from 2007 Topps, etc)
Let me know, I wouldnt need much in return if you want anything. Also some of it would be for sale. There are great rookies and stars, etc that you guys would love. I also have the normal baseball stuff. Let me know.

Cam Out

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blogger's choice Customs!

Hey everyone. I made my full checklist of cards last night and designated a couple spots as "Blogger's Choice" spot. You guys recommend players for the checklist and I'll put them in no matter what! First 6 replies get their card in the set!

Cam Out.

Monday, January 17, 2011

2011 Hartman Customs Baseball Set #9- Hunter Pence

2011 Hartman Customs Baseball Set #9- Hunter Pence

Now the base card of my favorite player Let me know what you think.

2011 Hartman Customs Baseball Set #1- Roy Halladay

What do you think? Remember to tell me who you want in the set!

2011 Hartman Customs Baseball Set #51- Casey Coleman

2011 Hartman Customs Base Set #51- Casey Coleman CubsFan731 requested this one. Let me know what you think and who you want to be in the set!

2011 Hartman Customs Baseball Scrapbook Moments SM1- Hunter Pence

2011 Hartman Customs Scrapbook Moments SM1- Hunter Pence

Decided to try my favorite player. I'm going to make a full "Scrapbook Moments" Insert set. Let me know If you want me to add a player to the checklist, it is going to be the Insert set to "Hartman Customs"

Counting Down The Days...

Until February 16th. 2011 Topps is on it's way. And that means..
New Cards!!!!
Spring Training is coming!!!!!!!!!!!
And new TTM Autos!!!!

I also might be going to see my Astros in Pittsburgh when they match up in May! This will be the first time since Spring Training last year to see the Astros, and I only saw one MLB game total last year (It was a blowout, the Blue Jays destroyed the Orioles) so I'm stoked.

Recently, I've gotten some TTM back, I'll do a seperate post about that later.

Also, I'm still looking for some trades. USA baseball GU or Autos anyone?

Cam Out

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Currently trading for!

The usual Hunter Pence and other people.

Bowman blue border parallels (Or scarcer)
Autos or Jerseys from USA Baseball players (especially from the new Bowman)
Unopened baseball packs of stuff from 1998 to now
Chris Heisey
Let me know!

The first contest for my new blog!

Hey guys! I decided to hold a contest with the junk wax packs of football and hockey I have.

Among others.
Pick a team, one in football and one in hockey, that you think will yield the most cards. This contest will run until next friday at Midnight Eastern Time. Post on your blog about this contest and you can pick two teams in each sport. Two winners, one for each sport. They will have the choice between these two things.

-The cards I pulled in a set of your choice (Other than my PC cards, all the 1990-1991 Pro Set hockey, 1991-1992 Pro Set Hockey, and 1990 Pro Set football. Pick one of those) and 35 basketball , football, or hockey cards from 2005 to now.

- Or, pick one of the sets again, and get 35 cards of a baseball team of your choice.

Start entering, winner will be announced next Saturday!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011 Hartman Customs Hempfield Basketball Set #2- Team Card

Let me know what you think.

2011 Hartman Customs Hempfield Basketball Set #1- Drew Johnson

2011 Hartman Customs Hempfield Basketball Set- Drew Johnson

I decided to try to make some cards of my High School Basketball Team. Let me know if you would like me to try a certain player on a card. Let me know what you guys think.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Am I weird because...

Unlike most people, I like sticker autos. I like the shine. People always talk about how much they hate them, but I think they're nice. I don't know. If you guys hate them so much, I woud be more than happy to trade for them :)

Well, I'm off to a High School Basketball game. Hopefully I'll get in another post before I glue my eyes to the TV for the season premiere of Tosh.0 tonight.

Cam Out.

Wanna Trade?

I've been in a trading slump recently. If you guys have any cool Astros stuff like Bowman Blue Borders, any GU, autos, or other numbered stuff, I'd love to trade. Also even any other non astros stuff I would be interested in, just something to get some new memorabilia into my house. Email me!

Cam Out.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Going too far for a baseball card.

Apperently some recent burglaries in Albany were tied to the stolen "Valuable Griffey Rookie Card" (worth about 30 dollars XD) Read the full article here

Cam Out.

Recent TTM requests.

I have pledged to send out one TTM request everyday. The last couple days I have sent to...

Ron Cey
Goose Gossage
Sean Douglass
Casey Kotchman
Dirk Nowitzki
Mike Bibby
Cliff Johnson
Phil Garner
Jim Palmer

Cam Out.

My best hit of the Year! What's yours?

Hey everyone. Cam here. My parents got me a hobby box of 2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces for Christmas, and the results were great! Ill just highlight the big hit. The pack started out like normal, with this:

But then, as I started to pass that card aside, I noticed that the game used was the next card. I also noticed it was one full card. A two card pack. The Beltran was slid aside to reveal...

The best card I've ever pulled. A Hanley Ramirez multicolor patch 20/25! I was ecstatic! This is my first patch. and the lowest numbered card I've ever pulled out of a pack. So the question is....
What's the best card you pulled in 2010? Let me know!

Cam Out.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Does anyone else keep getting offered this card?

I know Topps Million is great, but I get online to the site and have 10 offers all from different people featuring this card.

A 2001 Topps Ivan Rodriguez. Why does everyone have this card and insist on trying to trade it for 1960's vintage? It isn't going to happen. Does anyone know why everyone has this card? Tomorrow I'll post showing my Christmas loot, and it includes the best hit of my year!

Cam Out.

Who I am

Hello Everyone! This is Cam, formerly the owner of Collectable Cards. I started this blog because of lack of viewers, and Yola, the site I used to blog, sucked. Here is a little about me.

Who I collect: I am a huge collector of Hunter Pence, Michael Bourn, JR Towles, Carlos Lee, and Nick Markakis, along with any Astros. I also have side collections of Joe Mauer, Evan Longoria, Derek Jeter, BJ Upton, and Ian Desmond. I also collect cards featuring players signing autographs in the photo, Celebrating, and players in odd places.

What I enjoy: I enjoy trading and meeting new people through blogging.

What I enjoy outside of sports: I love music. I play the guitar, and my favorite band is the Beatles. I also enjoy swimming, and playing video games.

If you want to trade, be on my blogroll, or just want to talk email me! I have tons of things for trade, hopefully I will post them later.