Saturday, January 15, 2011

The first contest for my new blog!

Hey guys! I decided to hold a contest with the junk wax packs of football and hockey I have.

Among others.
Pick a team, one in football and one in hockey, that you think will yield the most cards. This contest will run until next friday at Midnight Eastern Time. Post on your blog about this contest and you can pick two teams in each sport. Two winners, one for each sport. They will have the choice between these two things.

-The cards I pulled in a set of your choice (Other than my PC cards, all the 1990-1991 Pro Set hockey, 1991-1992 Pro Set Hockey, and 1990 Pro Set football. Pick one of those) and 35 basketball , football, or hockey cards from 2005 to now.

- Or, pick one of the sets again, and get 35 cards of a baseball team of your choice.

Start entering, winner will be announced next Saturday!


Justin McLeod said...

I don't do hockey, and I only know a few teams, but I'll guess Red Wings and the Saints.

Don said...

I will guess the 49ers and LA Kings.

Dawgbones said...

I'll give it a shot. I've posted a link on my blog here:

So let's try all 4 Pa teams, crossed up.

Steelers and Flyers, then Beagles and Peguins.


BA Benny said...

Contest plugged,

I will say football Giants and Bills and for hockey I will say Oilers and Bruins.

Unknown said...

Flames and Raiders

hiflew said...

I'll get cutesy and say the Jets and the Jets.

Mark said... -- Plugged


Giants and redskins

Oilers and Red wings

Mark Aubrey said...

Thanks for the contest. I'll go with da Bears and Les Canadiens.

Mark Aubrey said...


Second set of picks: The Dolphins and the Bruins.