Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mail Day! Clear Cut Cards Edition

Hey guys. I have been getting tons of packages in the mail, so if you have done a trade with me, I'll have a Mail Day post for you within a week.

Anyway, Jason over at Clear Cut Cards made a post a couple weeks back about his Mets team set needs for Chicle, so because I recently busted a box of that stuff, I had one of the cards he needed. So after so negotiations, I ended up sending a Jason Bay Chicle and 10 other 2010 Mets cards. In return, I got rookies of two no name Astros and, the one I wanted most.

This is a rookie of awesome fielder Edwin Maysonet. He made it up with the Astros last year to play some infield as a backup. I was extremely impressed with what I saw. Sadly, my least favorite team the Brewers picked him up in the offseason. I'm still excited to have a card of him from his days with the Astros. Thanks for the trade Jason, and if any of you would like to trade with me, email me. Thanks!

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