Friday, March 22, 2013

I'm back (If I was ever gone)

Hey guys- Here for an update. Just realized I haven't posted in nearly a year, and thought I would try to hop back onto the scene here a bit. There's a few reasons as to why I haven't been posting;

-I'm in year 10 of High School and am preparing for college. Therefore, I have little time.
-I'm focusing on my music (I'm in a band)
-I haven't been getting many hours at work. No work means no money. No money means no cards.
-General lack of interest

The truth is I was never really gone. I have been reading blogs and SCF forums often. I have not had much time for trading or blogging. Until now that is.

I am going to make an attempt at a return to regular blogging (at least one every few days), but I wouldn't expect much. I have gotten back into trading and buying cards again. I will be updating my wants page as to what I collect as it has changed quite a bit. If you would like to trade, email me at or comment right down here.

I really am happy to be back. Glad to see that many blogs are still running, though I see a few that I was a regular reader of are fading.

See you soon. Expect a post every 3 days for now. We will see if I can move that number up a bit over the next few months.

--Cam, The Astros Fan.


Fuji said...

We all need a break from time to time. Glad to see you're back. Looking forward to reading your posts.

arpsmith said...

Welcome back!

The Dutch Card Guy said...

Welcome back !

William said...

Good to have you back, buddy. I'll look for more Astros to send your way.

Mark Aubrey said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere. Maybe Opening Day will spark you. Hope to see you through the season.