Friday, June 1, 2012

TTM Success!

Hey guys- To start, thanks for all the comments on the last post. Anyway, it's storming like crazy at my house, but I ran to my mailbox through the rain and saw two things addressed to me, and one of them in my own handwriting! I received my 2012 Bowman card signed by Danny Hultzen back, in less than two weeks. I'm stoked, it looks like this kid is gonna be big! He was drafted 2nd overall last year, so that can't be bad, right?(Try not to think about Bryan Bullington, right?) Anyway, the second pacakge was a trade in which I got 3 cards. One was a 2010 Bowman Chrome RC of Dustin Ackley. Next up was a 2007 SPX Winning Materials GU of Jake Peavy /199. Finally, a 2010 Topps Peak performance Nick Evans Autograph. Thanks for reading, what do you guys think about Hultzen?


Captain Canuck said...

honestly never heard of him... what's the card look like?

William said...

Pretty sweet, man. Hultzen is supposed to be pretty good. Glad you got him because I am glad the Orioles went with Dylan Bundy :)