Friday, August 19, 2011

Deal of the day: Get this card out of my site! Ripken Edition

Anyone want to trade for this card? Will take almost any low end GU, auto. Would love a couple numbered cards or anything PC. Please, help me get rid of it!

This card as been in many trades that have fallen through. Please help me out by trading for it! I am looking to clear out a lot of cards to make more room for Pc. I will do this card-by card. (And maybe a lot every now and then)

Cam Out.


The Diamond King said...

I have several low end GU and Auto. If it's still available when I get home I'll shoot you some options.

Captain Canuck said...

hit up Jeff at I Am Joe Collector, he's the master of Masterpieces.

Spankee said...

haha, I've got the same card just sitting around.