Sunday, April 17, 2011

Question of the Day

I'm an OCDish guy. Everything has to be sorted and in it's place. My cards used to be sorted by this "System"
Player (All Sports, Alphabetical by Last Name)
However, I got bugged looking for baseball cards and having hockey mixed in. Then, I went sorting by sports. All the baseball in the same boxes, all the football in others, etc. This again, made me angry. What if I was trading and needed to find a certain player? I would have to go through 8 5000 count boxes to find 2 or 3 cards of some Erubiel Durazo-esque player. Then I went by sets. I found it fun to see all the same cards together, but I had the same problem before. What about the player collectors? So I finally came up with the following "system"
Sort by sport. (Say it 5 times fast :D )
When all sorted by sport, sort by team.
When sorted by sport and team, sort by player.
When sorted by sport, team, and player, sort by year.
When sorted by sport, team, player, and year, sort by set.
When sorted by sport, team, player, year, and set, go in numerical order.

I still have doubts on if my system works. So the question is...
How do you sort your cards?

Let Me Know!

Cam Out.


AdamE said...

I have multiple storage methods inside my collection. For my Red Sox collection I have it sorted by year set than number inside monster boxes. Once a team set is complete or almost complete it goes into binders. Most binders are one per year but I have a few years that are combined due to lack of complete sets by me. I keep all inserts in the monster boxes with the incomplete team sets.

For my non Red Sox I store by team except for sets that I notice people tend to collect. So I have all A&G, Heritage, Topps etc sorted by year and number.

(...Joe) said...

For my player collections, I have 2 binders. One for each.

For my Mets team sets, I have 10+ binders, separated by years and then set alphabetical order.

Then for everything else, I have boxes separated by team. I recently started pulling out players that people I trade with have collections of so I can put them all in their own binder. So I'll have a binder full of Hunter pence cards, Derek Jeters, Ichiros, Pudge, etc. So when I trade with those guys, I can easily just go to that binder and pull some no problem.