Friday, March 18, 2011

Wax busting here at the Bullpen

Hey there everyone. I can't scan today as I'm on a tight schedule, but today I ran by Target to look for some Heritage. No dice. However, the value pack box was on steriods. They had Ginter, Goodwin, Heritage, Bowman,etc. I grabbed 13 packs. I got a 2009 Topps Heritage Chrome of Felix Hernandez /1960. I also got a Blue Parallel of Alexi Ramirez /2011 out of the new Opening Day. The great stuff was in the pack of 2005 UD All Star Classics. In that pack, I got rookies of Jake Peavy and Tadhito Iguchi. I also got a hit, a GU of Frank Thomas. Nice hit from a future HOFer is always welcome. As I was on the way home, I saw my LCS. I hadn't been there in almost a month and I thought 'What the Heck' and grabbed a box of 2008 UD Masterpieces. This was my 3rd box of it. Out of here, I got within 5 cards of my Masterpieces set. My hits were... A green parallel /75 of Felix Hernandez. A GU of Cole Hamels. and my 6th auto of the set in Bill Hall. A current Astro is always nice. If you are a fan of King Felix , you should email me as those cards are for trade along with almost everything else.
Sorry for the lack of posting, I've been busy with school testing and stuff. I will be back to daily posting by Opening Day. That's all for now.

Cam Out.

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Greg Zakwin said...

If the Hamels is available, I'm interested Cam.