Friday, February 18, 2011

Anyone Else play APBA card game?

I do. I have since I was little. No, Not the American Power Boat Association. APBA is a sports card game. I just play the baseball version, but they have all four major sports. To read more about it, go to APBAGAMES.COM

Anyway, I have been in the process of playing a 16 team tournament based on where players were born. I had been playing for a month or so, and last night, I finished. It was down to The Team of players born in Cuba and Mexico, vs The team of players born in Canada and bordering US states. When I finished, Team Canada came out victorious. Lead by Lincecum at the mound and Mauer behind the plate, this team destroyed. The full roster is as follows...

Tim Lincecum
Josh Johnson
Jon Lester
Derek Lowe
Lyle Overbay
Mitch Maier- Didn't Play
Travis Snider- Didn't play
Jose Reyes- Didn't play
Russ Martin
Chris Getz- Injured halfway through tourny, never came back.
Mark Hendrickson
Matt Thornton
Eric O'Flaherty
Jason Motte
Bobby Scales
Robb Quinlan
Joey Votto
Jason Bay
Brent Lillibridge
Jack Hannahan
Nate McLouth
Mike Wuertz
Willie Bloomquist
Grady Sizemore
Justin Morneau

If you want to know where the team from your area placed, comment and I'll let you know.
Now for the hall of fame inductions. After each tournament I pick the 6 best players to be inducted to my HOF. This years is...
Joe Mauer
Jason Bay
Chris Coghlin
Robinson Cano
Ian Desmond
Tim Lincecum

Every player was on the ballot. If you want to know where your favorite player placed, comment below. That's all for now!

Cam Out.

Cam Out

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